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Becoming a Florida Resident

Florida has warm weather and no state income or estate tax. It is not surprising that many people choose to relocate to Florida when they retire. You may be surprised to learn that merely spending more than six months in Florida is not enough to change your residency...

Are Your Advisors Working As A Team?

Everyone knows that teamwork can be the secret to success. Whether you are in the workplace or on a sports team, people working together can usually achieve more than an individual working alone. It makes sense that the same is true for your personal estate and...

Top Five Reasons You Need A Will

No one likes to think about death or taxes. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, they are both inevitable.If you die without a will, however, you risk leaving your family to make some difficult decisions at a time when they are grieving the loss of a loved one. Every...

When Yield Pigs Fly

Sticking to Growth in Future Income is the Preferred Approach Over Reaching for Current Income Inauspicious headlines were made overseas in early June when German ten-year government bond yields fell below the once unthinkable zero percent level. Following the British...

Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

Investor pessimism is a positive sign for equity markets Inflection points in markets usually occur when sentiment reaches an extreme. The times when the consensus is pessimistic and afraid, are most often the best times to invest. Conversely, when the majority of...

What is Personal Financial Planning?

I was recently asked to provide Boston Financial Management’s definition of financial planning for an upcoming speaking engagement. Before dashing off a response, I thought it would be useful to review the websites of the Certified Financial Planner Board of...

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