Individual Securities. Investment Transparency.

Each of our client’s goals is different, but BFM’s approach has remained steady. For more than 40 years, our approach to investing in individual securities supported by a dedicated research team has endeavored to produce solid long-term results for clients.

BFM has a long term approach to investing, typically holding for 3 to 5 year periods. Our team works to create custom portfolios leveraging experience and informed ideas to maximize market opportunities and mitigate gains and losses.

Investment Approach

BFM’s disciplined investment approach starts with a proprietary review process, is enriched with extensive research and analysis, and monitored over time. The result is concentrated portfolios of individual securities, which allow for greater investment transparency, the harvesting of capital gains or losses, lower management fee expenses, and the ability to manage legacy positions.



BFM actively invests in what we deem to be high-quality securities and aims to hold concentrated portfolios for many years. We define High Quality companies as those that share similar attributes including but not limited to a demonstrated history of stable and growing cash flow and dividends and high returns on invested capital; stable business models relatively less exposed to economic gyrations and competitive threats; competitive advantages that suggest sustainable profitability well into the future; low capital intensity and conservative balance sheets; and employee compensation aligned with shareholder interests and material insider ownership. Our approach is to opportunistically purchase their stock when the market might misperceive intrinsic worth.

Fixed Income

Our philosophy uses fixed income to mitigate the overall volatility of a portfolio, while providing a reliable income stream to investors. For taxable accounts, we construct diversified portfolios of individual, investment-grade corporate issues that we intend to hold to maturity.  For tax-exempt accounts, we utilize general obligation and essential purpose municipal bonds. We believe the interest rate environment and duration targeting are the building blocks of a bond portfolio.


As appropriate, BFM utilizes alternative investment classes to further diversify portfolios and mitigate volatility. We pass our team’s experience of riding differing market environments on to the advice we provide for our clients in managing their portfolios.

Purpose-Driven Investing

We believe in supporting our clients who wish to fold their social beliefs into their investment goals. Whether it comes in the form of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), or other exclusions, our team works to reflect each client’s plans in their portfolio composition.