Estate & Financial Planning

Life is filled with challenges and changes. Some come by surprise, but even anticipated life events take preparation. BFM has been helping people plan for what’s next for more than 40 years.  Although we cannot predict the future, we have had a lot of experience planning for it.  

Our experienced team of attorneys and financial planners can help you find the right plan to navigate complex family structures, potentially reduce your tax burden, and ensure an efficient transfer of assets during the course of your life and beyond.


Estate Plan Development & Review

Review existing estate planning documents and ensure that your estate plan is integrated with wealth management.


Estate & Income Tax Exposure Review

Communicate with your outside attorney to implement your plan to reduce your exposure to estate and income taxes.

Lifetime Gifting Programs

Discuss annual gifts and large lifetime gifts, and help you choose the best vehicle to transfer wealth to the next generation and beyond.

Charitable Planning

Evaluate your philanthropic goals and planned giving options, then help implement the best plan for your legacy.


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