Boston Financial Management builds portfolios drawing from three proprietary equity strategies. These strategies were developed with the benefit of experience and extensive research to fit all client goals for return, risk and income.

Dividend Appreciation

A common characteristic of high-quality businesses is an ability to generate reliable cash flows, and return that cash to shareholders via dividends. BFM’s Dividend Appreciation Strategy is equity-based and focused on fundamentally sound companies whose prospects are underappreciated and have strong and growing dividends. The portfolio consists of 30-35 large cap businesses, and aims to deliver an above-market current yield, while still allowing for above-market income growth in the future.

Core Plus

Core Plus focuses on small and mid-sized businesses that possess strong competitive positions, but often get overlooked due to their size. BFM controls risk by paying careful attention to valuation. We seek opportunities where the quality or growth potential has gone unnoticed or underappreciated, with the goal of purchasing shares below intristic value. The portfolio is concentrated, holding only 20 – 25 companies, allowing us to focus our research efforts on our best ideas. We favor businesses with positive cash flow, capable of earning high returns on invested capital. Our investment process is unique; allowing us to capitalize on the best opportunities regardless of sector classification or index classification. We add value by creating a portfolio that is different then traditional benchmarks. 


The U.S. does not have a monopoly on exceptional businesses. In today’s global markets, it is imperative to look internationally for investments. We employ the same approach to finding companies outside the U.S. as we do domestically. We augment our individual international holdings through the select use of actively managed international mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that invest in companies headquartered outside the United States.

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