Endowments, Nonprofits & Institutional Funds

BFM applies personalized management principles to managing assets for endowments, nonprofits, and institutional funds. Our team conducts thorough research, detailed analysis and review, and provides data-driven results with transparent reporting.

With an average of 26 years investment experience, our team of CFAs currently manages assets for libraries, schools, churches, nonprofits, small institutions, and unions.

Investment Policy Statement Review

Our team can provide advice to develop your investment policy statement or bring it up to date as your board members change.

Best Practice Advice

Because of our exposure to many other boards, BFM can share best practices to help maintain the most efficient practices and procedures for managing your assets.

Dedicated Administrative Support

You will be assigned a team including administrative support who can help with continuity of practice.

Governance Efforts

BFM can provide advice on the establishment of policies and monitoring and implementation mechanisms for your board’s governance.

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