Carol A. Cusson


Full Bio

As the Controller, Carol is responsible for the day-to-day business of the company.  Her purview is overseeing all aspects of corporate finance from payroll to long-range planning, in addition to being actively involved in our many client events. Carol also manages Human Resources, and arranges for changes in both staff and benefits.

Her experience is on a national level as she has worked at brokerage firms on Wall Street and in Los Angeles as an Operations Manager, and Portfolio Administrator for an investment advisor and venture capital firm. Carol joined Boston Financial Management in 2000 and has had the ability to adjust her approach to the expansion of our company, benefiting the company at large and aiding in achieving our clients’ expectations.

She is a graduate of Boston College School of Arts and Sciences and has attended Boston College’s Woods College of Advancing Studies. 

Personal Interests

Carol enjoys golf, movies, and spending time with her children, husband and pets.

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